The Outreach Program enhances the JDRF mission when it supports and engages the newly diagnosed type I community by creating new partners for JDRF Chapters. Outreach brings together people who share our vision for a cure, and who will actively work with us to achieve this goal.

Bag of Hope
A “warm fuzzy” for the newly diagnosed child and family. Underwritten by Roche Pharmacueticals, this is a great bag of information and love.

Mentor Family Program
Many families participating in this project have the opportunity to become a Mentor for the newly diagnosed family, they are available for questions and comfort after a child has been diagnosed.

Youth Ambassador Program
Our YA Program offers the opportunity for children living with type I diabetes to get involved and make a difference in helping JDRF find a cure.

Pen Pals
Pen Pals are a great way to communicate with other children and families all over. Click on this link and begin the process of making a new friend!

Get Pumped Support Group
Monthly support group which provides speakers and activitiesfor both children and their parents living with type 1 diabetes.

School Advisory Toolkit
A downloadable toolkit for parents and teachers, including sections on daycare and college. If there are additional challenges in the school setting, families can seek support from JDRF’s School Advisory Team.


The largest social network for people with type 1 diabetes. Create a profile, join discussion groups, write blog posts, watch/upload videos and more.

Diabetes Resources
Diabetes Camps, websites to log onto, many resources are available