Team Participation

Team Participation

Participating in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on a team multiplies the fun, the laughter and maybe even tears of inspiration and hope in support of those touched by type 1 diabetes (T1D). A team can be made up of family, friends, companies, civic organizations or any group that shares our mission to cure, treat and prevent T1D. Together, with your friends, family and co-workers, you can make an even greater impact than you could alone. Join us in making a difference!


Benefits of being on a team …


Inspiration & motivation…team members inspire and motivate one another before, during and after the Walk.

Support and encouragement …team members provide support and encouragement to loved ones affected by T1D.

Awareness and education …teams help spread awareness and education about JDRF and type 1 diabetes.

Camaraderie and spirit …teams create a sense of camaraderie and spirit among their team members when everyone is focused on a single goal.

Friendly competition …teams and their team members can challenge themselves to raise money for JDRF and to make a difference in helping to find a cure.

Teamwork and visibility …teams from companies, community and civic organizations will boost team members’ spirit, morale and visibility in the community, all the while raising money for a worthy cause.

It’s free and simple to register all we ask is that team members commit to a personal donation and fundraiser for JDRF. We have all the tips and tools to make it fun and easy!

Every step you take and dollar you raise brings us closer to a cure for T1D. Because you’re taking those steps with a team, you’re multiplying your impact! Of course, the best reason for your team to participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes is the satisfaction you and your teammates will have from knowing that the dollars you raise will help raise funds to help us cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes.